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Dog Patrol Good But Only If Professionally Handled

A dog patrolling the premise’s grounds is a good idea. But as a four-legged animal of the canine species, it needs to put on an imposing presence. On the other hand, those who know their dogs, or think they do, may argue that the dog’s bark is worse than its bite.

And so it goes that the professional security services Louisiana firm might just be using the much-beloved Alsatian or German Shepherd dog. It has an extremely loud bark when it becomes excited. That is more than enough to raise the alarm.

And by the time it matures to adult size, it does have quite an imposing, wolf-like presence. And should it be required to give chase of an intruder, it can run like the wind. No matter how fast and quick the intruder is, if he is nowhere near the fence, he will ultimately be hauled in.

And if he thought he could reach the fence before the dog patrol got to him, he needs to think again. A fast runner, this dog is also capable of another yard or two in height. And halfway up a fence, the dog will catch the intruder and bring him down, in more ways than one. He could rip the man to shreds if he wanted to.

professional security services Louisiana

But no. Not if the security patrol dog has been professionally trained. The popular name given to this team is the K-9 team. The dog will hold the intruder fast between the jaws of its teeth until its handler arrives to apprehend him. By that time the law enforcement agencies have already been alerted. It is only a matter of minutes.

Dog patrol is just one of the many professional security services that could be considered.